Sound Bath

Sound Healing comprises the usage of frequencies to holistically reinstate a sense of well-being – be that on a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical level. The benefits of sound healing sessions can range from relaxation, anxiety relief and alleviating chronic pain to simply aiding your meditative practice. The crystal bowls used in these healing sessions have a unique capability of resonating sound. They are made from melted crystal matter and at times infused with other gems, metals or minerals which contribute additional benefits encoded in the sound because of their innate properties.

Although sound meditation can be a beautiful tool to strengthen an already existing meditation practice, Sound Baths are actually a perfect entry point into meditation for beginners. Often people find it easier to meditate, when they’re guided by sound instead of sitting in complete silence.

This totally depends on you, your needs and what other services you want to combine it with. When combined with my public Yoga classes, the sound meditation part ranges from 15-25 minutes. 

I am thrilled that you’ve discovered this path for yourself. Contact me as I am frequently hosting trainings for beginners and people interested in this beautiful practice. 

Sure! I don’t personally distribute bowls but I am always here to help and can recommend some amazing specialists who I trust.

Virtual Sound Bath

I offer regular Sound Baths over Zoom for you to indulge in at home. There will be a limited amount of spots, so save yours early. This way we can share this beautiful experience in a intimate setting with a small group and really get to enjoy each other’s presence.

what to expect

Each digital Sound Bath class will incorporate meditation as well as breathwork. In some cases it will be combined with yoga. After preparing the body physically and mentally, we will bathe in sound.

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